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  • Cooperative Blanket

    Cooperative Blanket

    Cooperative Blanket The Sensory University Cooperative blanket offers your child a chance to explore space while in the seclusion of their own little world. This exercise offers a calming effect as well as a source of great tactile and sensory...

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  • Sensory University Cozy Comfort Swing available in both blue and pink tent colors. Sensory University Cozy Comfort Swing available in both blue and pink tent colors.

    Cozy Corner Platform Comfort Swing

    COZY CORNER COMFORT SWING The all new Sensory University Cozy Corner Comfort Swing is perfect for the days when aggressive swinging is just too much. This swing is great for sensory warm up or cool down sessions. Excellent when a child is wound up from...

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  • Crackle Baff

    Crackle Baff Make your bath water crackle and pop with this magical popping dust. Sprinkle some over your water and watch it bubble. Contains 3 packs of baff. Stain free Preservative free 100% safe on skin & non irritant Non toxic &...

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  • Disc O Sit Seat Cushion

    Disc O Sit Seat Cushion The Disc’O’Sit a round inflatable dynamic cushion from The Sensory University can be used in a variety of ways including for sitting, for floor activities and/or in conjunction with a ball to promote strength, balance...

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  • Disc Slide

    Disc Slide This device is one of our top sellers. The Disc Slide will not only improve your child’s fine motor skills and confidence, but will make your life a lot easier when it comes time for dressing. Did you ever dream that your child could...

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  • Dynaflex Sensory Exercise

    Dynaflex Sensory Exercise DynaFlex Gyroscopic resistance power to strengthen the hand and arm. Use gyroscopic resistive power (up to 13,000 RPM) to strengthen grip, wrists, forearms and biceps. The string pull allows for easy starting. A fun but...

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