• Brynk Balancing Game

    Brynk Balancing Game

    Will you be able to place your pieces on the teeter-tottering base and get it to stay? Or will you upset the balance and watch as it all comes crashing down in front of you? Contains balancing game base, tri-slider piece, 42 plastic BRYNK® playing...

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  • Rotational Disc Rotational Disc

    Rotational Disc

    Rotational Discs provide smooth rotational training and are useful tools for improving strength, rotational stability, balance and Range of Motion (R.O.M.). Many of our daily movements require rotational stability in our hips and shoulders in a...

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  • Balance Poles

    Balance Poles

    These versatile aluminum poles can be used in therapy programs when a child needs minimal support for high level balance activities. Rubber tips provide friction against the floor. Set of 2. Length – 46″  

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  • Air Walker Air Walker

    Air Walker

    Air Walker This equipment keeps children moving with healthy Activity Based Recreation! Children’s exercise should be fun, exciting, & safe. This will inspire them to move and have an active lifestyle. • Meets EN 71 and CE...

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  • Two wheeled walker Two wheeled walker

    Two wheeled walker

    Posture Control Walker Provides extra drag for users who cannot manage a walker that rolls forward as they shift their weight forward. Two wheels in the front of walker. Two crutch tips in rear of walker. Designed to make walking less energy...

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