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  • 22 inch Balance and Therapy Ball

    22 inch Balance and Therapy Ball The child simply sits on the ball for 10 to 20 minutes per day. By using his or her legs to keep from rolling off of the ball, the child is working a multitude of muscles and systems within the body. Laying the child...

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  • Acu Reflex Magnetic Balls

    Acu Reflex Magnetic Balls Hands and feet have many pressure points rolling balls in your hands or under your feet will result in a highly stimulating massage. Each ball has hundreds of sensory bumps an strong magnets.

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  • Balance Ball

    Balance Ball

    Balance Ball The heavy duty balance ball is 30″w x 20″h inflated. Designed to develop coordination skills as the child balances on the ball. Multi-colored nylon cover assures durability and stability of child. Suitable for indoor and outdoor...

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  • Balance Blox Slackline Kit

    Balance Blox Slackline Kit Playzone Balance Blox Slackline Kit:– Body Control– Motor Skills– Concentration• Fun and challenging for children.• Popular slackline concept.• Builds self confidence.• Expandable with...

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  • Balance Board

    Balance Board Balance is of course what keeps us upright and mobile. And although one doesn’t ever think about training balance, everyone should because it is what allows us to run, walk, skate, ski, hike or run around after our animals or kids...

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  • Balancing Bars

    Balancing Bars Balancing bars are made of solid wood, total length is 3 meters or 9.84 feet. The Balancing Bar can be straight or zigzag-shaped – it can be formed as you like with the five individual bars which can be linked together. The surface...

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  • Balancing Board

    Balancing Board

    Balancing Board For rocking from side to side, spinning around and balancing. Children can stand or sit on the board. With anti-skid profile and four integrated handlebars. With this toy children develop their motor skills and balancing abilities. Both...

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