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  • Bear Wall Panel

    Bear Wall Panel

    BEAR WALL PANEL The Bear Wall Panel is a wonderful addition to liven up the walls of any play area, classroom, waiting room, or home and provide hours of fun! It features an adorable smiling bear with our fun Magnet Circle Express Maze on its belly!...

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  • Blow Lotto

    Blow Lotto

    Blow Lotto A unique, highly amusing game, which develops breathing control and lip muscles! The players take turns at blowing the ball from one hole to another, which requires control of the direction and speed of the ball. Nine holes show different...

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  • Chew Stixx Chewable As and Zs

    Chew Stixx Chewable As and Zs Chewing while learning, what a concept. Chew Stixx® when used properly provide a safe and bacteria free alternative for children who chew on shirts, pencils, fingers, ETC. Chew Stixx® combines multiple food...

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