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Baboon Spoon Adaptive feeding and learning cutlery / bowl combo. Eat it like you mean it!!

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Baboon Spoon® feeding utensils are specialized utensils designed to aid users learning to eat. These utensils also work well with feeding difficulties or disabilities. These spoons are specifically crafted to make the feeding process easier and more efficient for people learning to eat or who may have physical limitations or challenges.

Baboon Spoon Feeding Utensils offer the best design combination we have seen to suit hundreds of different uses during feeding or just good ole fun time snacking. The following are just a few of the design characteristics:


  1. Angled: These utensils have a slightly upward angled design, allowing the person to eat comfortably without needing to tilt their head back too far or hyperextend his or her arm. This can be particularly helpful for people with neck or head control issues.

  2. The utensils offer an ever so slight weighted nature to the handles encouraging balance and confidence while eating.

  3.  These utensils have an almost flat scoop shape, which helps contain food and reduce spills. This can be beneficial for children who have difficulty scooping up food or keeping it on the spoon.

  4. Baboon Spoon Adaptive Utensils have handles that are soft and wide making it easier for people with fine motor skill difficulties to grip. The larger handles can provide a more secure grip and better control during feeding.

  5. Each set comes with the Trademarked Mr. Baboon Feeding bowl which offers a non stick suction for almost every surface as well as separated compartments for food division and ease of scoop training and or practice.

It's important to note that the specific type of adaptive feeding methods needed will depend on the individual needs and abilities of each person. Working with a healthcare professional, an occupational therapist or a speech-language pathologist, in combination with caregivers, teachers, and or parents can help determine the most suitable adaptive feeding methods for a particular user. 

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