Calming Clouds Classroom Light Filters Set of 6

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The Big Idea
Create a calm and soothing environment with Calming Clouds Light Filters! Light filters decrease the glare and flickering from overhead fluorescent and LED lights, enabling better focus and concentration 

Psst…They’re Learning!

  • Improves concentration levels
  • Reduces tension and anxiety
  • Promotes positive performance

Cut to the Chase

  • Light filters used to lessen the brightness of fluorescent lights in the classroom, library, doctors office, and more!
  • Contains four 2’ x 4’ heat-resistant panels in four different cloud patterns
  • Fabric panels fit over standard ceiling fixtures with 6 sturdy, sewn-in magnets
  • For use with fluorescent and LED lights

*******This is for 6********* Perfect for office, clinic, classroom, school, etc.