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Weight Blanket - Red/Blue

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Weight Blanket

The Sensory University weighted blanket is professionally manufactured to therapists standards. Our blankets have a weight of 8 lbs and are 45 x 60 inches. This is the maximum weight offered to prevent suffocation hazards. Unlike less expensive blankets, our blankets are double insulated to prevent the sound of beads moving as this is a huge distraction to children with sensory disorders.

This blanket can be used as a bed blanket, a wrap around, or it can even be doubled to use as a large weighted pad or shoulder weight. We offer the blanket in two color combinations. Double blue for complete calming, or blue / red which can be used as a calming agent on one side, and a great source of visual stimulation on the other. Many children with sensory issues are extremely attracted to the color red, while the color blue seems to create an instant calming sensation. The blue / red combo give you the best of both worlds, and has the same soft texture on both sides. We offer the double blue color for children who just can’t handle vibrant colors.

Not for use with small children who are prone to suffocation. Use should be supervised at all times. Never place in crib with an infant.

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