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  • 60 Minute Jumbo Timer

    60 Minute Jumbo Timer A little cheer goes a long way when teaching kids time management skills. Features pop-up button and buzzer that tell kids when time is up Helps you set limits for computer use, TV and play Structures independent reading time, music...

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  • Activity Schedules For Children With Autism

    Activity Schedules For Children With Autism Activity Schedules for Children with Autism: Teaching Independent Behavior McClannahan, Lynn E. and Krantz, Patricia J. Activity schedules enable children with autism to accomplish activities with greatly...

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  • Calendar Pocket Chart English and Spanish

    Calendar Pocket Chart English and Spanish This perpetual wall calendar measures 25½” x 38¼” and has 46 see-through pockets. Cards that fit into the pockets include month, date, year, day of the week, weather, seasons, and special events...

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  • Hot Dots Telling Time Flash Cards

    Hot Dots Telling Time Flash Cards

    Practice telling time with or without Talking Hot Dots® Pen. Features double-sided flash cards that students can use on their own, with a buddy or in a group: turn cards over to self-check Helps students transition from digital to analog...

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  • Learn to Tell Time Flash Cards

    Learn to Tell Time Flash Cards

    Set of 105 cards teach time telling on the hour, half hour, quarter hour, etc. Compares analogue and digital time telling as well as demonstrates calculation of beginning, ending, and elapsed time. Double-sided cards measure 6-1/4'' x 3-1/4''

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  • Magnetic Big Time Learning Clock

    Magnetic Big Time Learning Clock

    A great way to help kids grasp time skills. Hidden mechanism maintains correct hour and minute relationships. Easy-to-read hour and minute markings, with removable stand and Activity Guide.

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  • Magnetic Learning Calendar

    Magnetic Learning Calendar

    Magnetic Learning Calendar helps you track the days and becomes a family affair! Helps you include kids in making plans and scheduling activities Invites kids to move the colorful, illustrated magnets to track the date, day of the week, month, season...

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  • Magnetic Time Tracker

    Magnetic Time Tracker

    Our visual timer is now more visible than ever—adheres to any magnetic surface at home! Features clear, 3 color lighted display and simple-to-program alarms (1 minute to 24 hours). Alarms can be visual, audio or both. Handy flip-out stand for tabletop...

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  • Mega Sand Timer

    Mega Sand Timer

    This Mega Sand Timer captures the attention of elementary students and will provide a visual way to measure time! 12" x 6" sand timer is constructed with molded end caps and thick, shatter-proof plastic barrier to protect inner glass. For easy...

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  • Mini Time Tracker

    Mini Time Tracker

    Program this timer from minutes up to 2 hours.  Offers visual and audible alarm as well as the ability to be viewed from 360 degrees. Offers unique visual and auditory indicators, including a warning alarm Operates easily with just 2 dials: total...

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  • Primary 12 Hour Learning Clock

    Primary 12 Hour Learning Clock

    Accurate to the minute and featuring an AM/PM digital display window, this interactive clock teaches both analog and digital time. Geared clock's digital display window keeps track to the minute with the clock hands, helping children learn both methods...

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  • Scheduling Pocket Chart

    This is a great chart for organizing and presenting a daily schedule clearly on any wall. Scheduling cards with a common subject or activity can be customized by adding the digital and analog time to each. Use the back of the cards to add your own...

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