Senso Seat Calming Seat Pads

Sensory University
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Sensory University Original Senso® Seat Pads are excellent for special needs children and adults who lack sensory input.  Senso® Seat can also be used as a calming agent for people with adhd, low tone, or even a lack of circulation.  The use of this seat will improve spatial and mental awareness as well as lessen hand fidgeting.  Unlike other seat cushions the Senso® Seat does not need to be inflated. When finished simply roll up the cushion, attach the included adjustable strap, and place the seat pad in a book bag, hand bag, briefcase, etc. This product is successfully being used in school systems, therapy clinics, and even dinner tables across the world. Senso® Seat can be used on any standard stool, desk, chair, or even in the floor for circle time.  Pads can also be combined for a sensory tactile path to walk on or a place to rest feet on while sitting.  
13 inches in diameter
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