Net/Cocoon Swing-Two colors available

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Net Swing

The Sensory University Net Swing is a unique seated swinging device that is manually controllable by the user.  It is designed to stimulate the user's cerebral cortex through ample stimulation provided by the swinging and spinning motion. 
Cocoon swings are often used in occupational therapy, as well as in the classroom. Besides the benefits off deep pressure input, they can help children who have difficulty maintaining their equilibrium.   The rocking or swinging motion promotes improved balance. This can help in everyday skill building such as stair climbing and safely maneuvering around a classroom. Children love the feel of being snugly tucked inside, while experiencing the fun sensation of swinging.

WARNING: Risk of Injury. Supervision required.
  • Machine wash gentle, line dry.
    96% Nylon 4% Spandex

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