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  • Moon In My Room

    Moon In My Room

    Moon In My Room® With Light-up Lunar Phases What's different about the moon tonight? It's inside your room! Authentically detailed, Moon In My Room hangs on your wall and shines moonlight just like the real moon. Twelve different phase settings let...

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  • NightZone Hoops

    Play and practice in the dark of night! The basketball set includes 9" light up hoop and 3 1/2" foam ball. Hoop has option for consistent light or flashing choose! Assorted colors.

  • Safari Wall Projector

    Unique in-room light and sound experience! Just decorate with the desired decals, activate and watch the amazing scene come to life on your walls. Available in differnet animal scenes and your favorite licensed characters. Lights gently fade in and...

  • Sensory Reflective Balls

    Set of 4 reflective mirror balls provide a stretched version of reality that is distorted like a fish-eye lens giving a view which is other-worldly. Children will be fascinated to see items placed close to the mirrors including their own faces enlarged...