Laser Star Visual Stimulation System

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Can you imagine creating an instant sensory wonderland in any kids room? Can You Imagine bringing the wonder and beauty of the night sky into your home? Can You Imagine sophisticated green laser technology filling an entire room with thousands of moving stars and cloud formations? Can You Imagine a display so breathtaking the phrase "You have to see it to believe it?" doesn't do it justice? We did! Presenting Laser Twilight, the most amazing light display you will ever see in your home. The Laser Twilight projector will fill any dark space with a super sharp spectacle of animated stars and cloud formations. It will even surprise you with the occasional shooting star. Created from powerful green laser and holographic technology, a display this bright and clear has never been available before. Laser Twilight is fully adjustable, requires no set up and will fill any room from the tiniest bedroom to the largest warehouse with a crystal-clear animated star display. Truly one of the most amazing light shows you will see anywhere. Bring the wonder and beauty of the night sky into your own home with Laser Twilight.
  • NEW FEATURE: 4-hour Auto Shut Off (protects your green laser)
  • NEW FEATURE: Cloud Formation can be used independently of the Laser Twilight Stars!
  • Uses All New Green Laser and Holographic Technology
  • 2 Built-In Precision Glass Lenses
  • Transforms the Largest or Smallest Rooms into Your Own Personal Animated Night Sky
  • Creates Thousands of Stars with or without Cloud Formations
  • Look for the Occasional Shooting Stars Across the Night Sky
  • AC Adapter Included
  • Simple to Use, Just Plug It In
For an increased sensory experience, combine this with one of our Ease Music CD selections.
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