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  • Actions Language Cards

    Actions Language Cards This set is great to help kids develop an understanding of action verbs in addition to increasing their vocabulary.  Ages 3 & Up Includes: 40 Cards  Activity Guide

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  • Alphabet Avalanche

    Alphabet Avalanche Kids can use the hundreds of Lauri ® crepe rubber letters and punctuation marks in these kits to spell names, build sentences, and create paragraphs. Contains over 500 Lauri crepe rubber letters and punctuation marks.Ages 5 &...

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  • Alphabet Letters

    Alphabet Letters This versatile card set allows younger kids to enjoy discovering and manipulating the alphabet cards, while older children can practice spelling words and discover word patterns. Uppercase letters are printed on one side of the cards,...

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  • Alphabet Puzzle Boards

    Alphabet Puzzle Boards These puzzles are great for helping kids recognize letter shapes and sounds in a fun format. There’s a 5¾” x 4″ puzzle for each letter of the alphabet. Each 5-piece puzzle, made of Lauri® crepe rubber,...

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  • Building Words - Only Five Left

    Building Words - Only Five Left The 18" x 13" tabletop pocket chart is portable, making it a great hands-on learning center for small groups or individual use. A self-checking feature allows students to work independently. The 10 clear pockets on the...

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  • Categories Language Cards

    Categories Language Cards

    Categories Language Cards Kids will enjoy sorting and classifying as they find and match the three photo cards in each category. The set contains 13 categories that are designed to help reinforce discrimination and communication skills. For example,...

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  • Chain Letters Game-Only Three Left

    Chain Letters Game-Only Three Left Sure, you can think of a word to spell, but can you find the letters you need and hook them together without dropping your chain? Liveliness and skill combine to make Chain Letters a unique word game that...

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  • Cheese Dip

    Cheese Dip

    Cheese Dip Now children can practice spelling in a fun way with Cheese Dip™. Roll the die to see who gets to use their mouse tail to hook the cheesy letters, but be careful not to drop them! It’s a sneaky race to see who will spell their...

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  • Hot Dots Jr Ace the Talking and Teaching Dog Pen

    Hot Dots Jr Ace the Talking and Teaching Dog Pen

    All the fun of Hot Dots®, now available for younger children! Part learning companion, part magic wand, the Hot Dots Jr. Pen talks, laughs, lights up and even buzzes with excitement as children explore. Designed for little hands, this electronic pen...

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  • Hot Dots Jr Lets Master Kindergarten Reading

    Hot Dots Jr Lets Master Kindergarten Reading

    The Big Idea This two-book set with included “Ace"—the Talking, Teaching Dog™ pen provides children with 100 lessons on a variety of reading and language arts skills from reading comprehension and vocabulary to spelling and punctuation. Fifteen of...

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  • Lace & Link Lowercase

    Lace & Link Lowercase

    Big Lauri® crepe rubber letters spell lots of learning activities. Each letter comes in a puzzle frame that links only to the succeeding one, making sequences as easy as A-B-C. Or hop, skip, and jump from letter to letter and learn the alphabet...

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  • Letters


    These multicolored, 1¾" tall, soft foam letters are the perfect size for easy handling. Vowels are in red, making them easy to spot. One side of the board has colorful, captioned pictures of everyday items to allow kids to practice spelling on...

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