Isotta Discovery Car

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Isotta is a transparent car. It consists of 9 large pieces, to be mounted in the right sequence on the frame and then put in motion by dragging the machine with your hand.

Age: 3-7 years old

Isotta is an extraordinary and original transparent car. It is perfect to engage your kids in a new and exciting construction experience. The set includes nine large parts that are already assembled and only need to be properly mounted onto the chassis to get the car moving. It will be fascinating to discover how its internal mechanisms work: check out the pistons, rods, and gears, and see what happens when you shift gears, or find out how a differential unit works! Thanks to your Isotta, a real car will have no more secrets for you! Isotta is made with high quality materials that are totally unbreakable and non-toxic to guarantee maximum safety and durability.

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