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Anger Management Situations Cards

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Anger Management Situations Cards

Ages: 15-Adult. This card game is designed to facilitate discussions and development of anger management skills. The cards cover a wide variety of situations. Focuses on problem-solving a variety of potentially “angry” situations and encourages assertive anger management. Instructions include alternatives for game use of cards and process questions. 4-14 players.

Your stove was not working for two days. You called the service center and they were going to come yesterday to fix it, but couldn’t give you a time. You stayed home all day and no one showed up or called.

Your friend continually tells you about her arguments with her spouse/significant other. You always drop everything to listen and support her. When you have a problem, she is too busy to talk with you.


  • 63 Situation cards
  • 9 Blank cards so you can write your own
  • Instructions
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