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Write Grip Handwriting System

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Write Grip® Pen and Pencil Grips


Write Grip Handwriting Grips were specifically designed by therapists as a handwriting improvement device for all people with the ability to write and the need to improve his or her techniques. Using Write Grips can be a helpful tool to improve handwriting skills with both pen and pencils. The raised sensory intensive surface of Write Grips helps prevent hand fatigue, numbness, tingling, and assists in keeping the user engaged while increasing muscle memory. Following are some ways that Write Grips aid in handwriting improvement:

Promoting proper grip: Grips are designed to encourage a proper pencil grip, such as the tripod grip. This grip involves holding the pencil between the thumb and index finger, with the pencil resting on the middle finger. Grips can help you maintain this grip position consistently, which can lead to more controlled and legible handwriting.

Correcting improper grip habits: If you have developed an incorrect grip habit, such as gripping the pencil too tightly or holding it awkwardly, a grip can help you relearn and correct your hand position. Grips provide a physical guide for your fingers, helping you form a more efficient and comfortable grip.

Reducing hand fatigue: Grips with ergonomic designs can provide additional support and cushioning for your fingers, which can help reduce hand fatigue during long writing sessions. By reducing discomfort and strain, grips allow you to write for extended periods without experiencing excessive hand fatigue, enabling more consistent practice and improvement.

Enhancing control and precision: Grips can improve your control and precision while writing. By providing a larger and more ergonomic surface to hold onto, grips can help stabilize your hand and fingers, resulting in smoother and more accurate letter formation.

Developing muscle memory: Using a grip consistently can help train your hand muscles to adopt a proper grip automatically. Over time, your hand will become more accustomed to the correct grip position, making it easier to maintain good handwriting habits even when you're not using a grip.

Remember that while grips can be beneficial, they are not a magic solution. Consistent practice and attention to other aspects of handwriting, such as posture, letter formation, and stroke consistency, are also crucial for improvement. Combine the use of grips with regular handwriting exercises and focus on proper technique to see the best results in your handwriting skills.

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