Two Headed Visual Light Show

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Can You Imagine a 360 double headed light show with 32 magical lighting effects that you can hold in your hand? We did!

Enjoy the Fantastic Hand-Held 2-Headed Light Show anywhere! Looks great in the daytime and hypnotic at night!

So easy to use - just grab it and enjoy the show! It's so portable you can take it anywhere - parties, concerts, amusement parks - anywhere you want to dazzle your friends! Even the batteries are included so you can enjoy your Light Show right now!

Can You Imagine Fantastic Hand-Held 2-Headed Light Show 
  • Number of Batteries: 2
  • Battery Size: AA
  • Battery Rechargeable: No
10.00 (in)
2.00 (in)
2.00 (in)

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