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Hot and Cold Gel Animal Moose

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Hot & Cold Packs, Heat Packs, Gel Ice Packs

Our Hot & Cold Packs are easy to use, fabric covered, reusable, microwaveable and freezer safe. Rapid pain relief for sports injuries, back pain and arthritis pain. Great for clinics, pharmacies and health stores. Hot & Cold Clay Packs provides slow and even distribution of heat and cold. Retains peak therapeutic temperatures longer than traditional hot & cold packs. Conforms to any part of body, even when frozen. Contents: clay, water, and glycerin.

We've taken Hot & Cold Therapy to a new cute level. Fun, cuddly Kids Gel Pack Animals contain a water-based, non-toxic gel pack that can be chilled for cooling comfort, or microwaved for soothing warmth.

Size: 12 inches/38 cm.
We  also sell the bear, duck, sheep, and penguin.
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