• Tactile Torpedo Fidget

    Tactile Torpedo Fidget

    Tactile Torpedo Fidget This top selling tactile fidget contributes to children's finger dexterity and stabilizes their emotions. One of the best calming agents we have seen for less than $7.00. Textured products provide sensory enhancement, relieve...

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  • Resistance Tunnel

    The Sensory University Resistance Tunnel offers your child a light to medium resistance load as a simple crawl through, and a heavy load if a therapy ball is pushed through ahead of the crawl. Children in our clinic seem to flock to this exercise due to...

  • Soft Balance Beam by Sensory University

    18" extra wide base solidifies this padded and safe balance beam. Unit is 48" X 14" along the bottom and 7" across the top. Highest point is 9" off of the floor. Units can be placed end to end to create a longer balance beam. 48"L x 18"W x 9"H

  • The Island

    The Island

    The Island One Island – or several Islands together – inspires a game of balance. When combined with the River, the Island offers numerous possibilities for children to build challenging balance paths. The Island will form the natural...

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  • Support Swing Seat for Teenager with Headrest

    Full support swing seat with pommel, medium (teenager), with rope: Plastic swing seat with heavy duty rope and a built-in abductor (pommel). Safety harness and crotch strap standard for proper positioning. Adjustable suspension mechanism fits any frame...

  • Cooperative Blanket Cooperative Blanket

    Cooperative Blanket

    Cooperative Blanket The Sensory University Cooperative blanket offers your child a chance to explore space while in the seclusion of their own little world. This exercise offers a calming effect as well as a source of great tactile and sensory...

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  • Top Top


    Top A wonderful giant top for hours of fun. Top for 1 or 2 children. Lots of uses: use it to rock from side to side, spin it, build a den, etc. Small children can even use it as a boat in the pool (only under adult supervision). Develops children's...

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  • Parachute


    Playing with the parachute provides exercise for the whole body-for everyone! A wonderful way of developing basic physical coordination. Inspires many types of activities for groups of children or grown-ups. Made of colorful, light-weight, fire-resistant...

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  • The River Walk Balancing Course The River Walk Balancing Course

    The River Walk Balancing Course

    The River Walk Balancing Course A brand new and unique element providing unlimited possibilities for building balance paths! The elements are easy to join and are very flexible, so only the imagination sets limits to the course of the river. Due to the...

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