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  • New Chew Stixx Pencil Topper

    The well known Chew Stixx Pencil Topper is now available in pink for a short time! We have limited stock on this color so place your order today! The Sensory University has created an all new pencil topper using its top selling Chew Stixx® Product...

  • New Pink Pencil Topper Shape

    All new for a short time only, PINK! The Sensory University has created an all new pink shape pencil toppers using its top selling Chew Stixx Product. If your child bites, chews, or grinds, give them something safe to chew on. The Chew Stixx Pencil...

  • Periodic Table in Earth and Sky Poster

    PERIODIC TABLE IN EARTH AND SKY This periodic table poster is a 2008 edition. It includes new elements, great photos and essential information. This chart features fabulous mineral and astronomical images, information about each element as to its...

  • Push Down Table Top Scissors

    These scissors are easy to use simply requiring a pushing down action on the "T" shaped handle. The spring will automatically reopen the scissors once the pressure is released. Ideal for children either with poor strength or who are unable to use...

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  • Sight Words

    Sight Words

    With this card set, kids start by learning sight word recognition, pronunciation and spelling. Then they move on to recognizing parts of speech, forming sentences and using punctuation. This versatile learning tool serves a wide age range. Ages 4 &...

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  • Staple Free Stapler

    Staple free stapler: * Safe for kids and easy to use * Easily attach 2 to 5 sheets of paper * Less wasteful * More economical * Great for schools, home and office.

  • Teacher Tote All

    Teacher Tote All

    Teacher Tote All Now it’s easier to haul everything you need, wherever your school day takes you. Features lightweight construction, extendible handle and smooth-running tires Offers plenty of space for books and supplies Folds flat for storage when...

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