The Sensory University Proprioception Kit offers an entire days worth of sensory exercise, spatial awareness, and calming compression. Can be used in combination with weighted balls or lap pads for an even more in depth approach.



The Sensory University Resistance Tunnel offers your child a light to medium resistance load as a simple crawl through, and a heavy load if a therapy ball is pushed through ahead of the crawl. Children in our clinic seem to flock to this exercise due to the seclusion it offers them while in the tunnel. If for some reason the child has what’s known as a therapy “meltdown” while inside, the therapist or parent can roll the tunnel down in their hands and have the child out in less than 5 seconds.

All tunnels are 10 Ft long, offer varying resistance as the crawl progresses, and have double secured handles on each end so the unit can be hooked to a solid structure or held by the parent or therpist on each end. Constructed of a lycra/cloth combo material.

This is one of the greatest sensory integration devices ever created, and can easily be used in the home. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions on how this unit is used or if it will benefit your child.

Compression vests offer an almost instant calming sensation to a child who just cannot concentrate, stand still, or complete simple tasks due to hyperactivity. The compression vest is available in three sizes, and can be worn inside or outside of everyday clothing.

For a more lasting effect, vest should be worn at least one hour per day, three times a week. Many parents have found great success allowing children to wear a compression vest during dinner, homework, or almost any activity where concentration and calmness are desired.

Much like a wet suit, our vests are constructed of premium divers grade neoprene and secure with heavy duty adjustable velcro attachments.

Vests are available in childrens sizes small, medium and large.


Sensory University

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Additional information

Weight 7.5 lbs
Available Sizes

Small, Medium, Large


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