This therapeutic riding vehicle was designed by a pediatric physical therapist. It is a safe and fun mobility device especially for children with special needs. Benefits include providing vestibular stimulation and upper extremity strengthening.


Our Exer-Rider®, a therapeutic spin-off of the classic Flying Turtle® riding scooter, was designed by Beverly Richardson, P.T. A pediatric therapist with decades of experience, she visualized its therapeutic benefits for special needs pre-school and grade school children. While employed as a school therapist, Beverly was asked to evaluate the Flying Turtle® scooter. Its many therapeutic advantages were obvious to her but it needed adaptations to accommodate the physically disabled child. Psychologically, it was FUN to zip around and spin while riding. Because the child is seated low to the floor it offers postural security and safety. Developmentally, it provides valuable vestibular stimulation, upper extremity strengthening and coordination, midline orientation, and spatial and directional challenges. Because the Exer-Rider® is adapted with upturned extended handlebars, foot platform with straps and back support, it accommodates a variety of diagnoses. Children who have spina bifida, moderate cerebral palsy (especially diplegia), muscular dystrophy and a variety of other diagnoses benefit from and enjoy the Exer-Rider®. Built to last, it can be enjoyed by many children for many years.


Mason Corporation

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Weight 9 lbs


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