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  • 9 Bubble Maxi Mirror

    9 Bubble Maxi Mirror 9 convex mirror bubbles surrounded by flat reflections of all that is seeable. Our polyethylene fittings attach to flat surfaces. Hardware not included. 32″L x 32″W

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  • Flower Mirrors

    Flower Mirrors 24" diameter mirror conceptually blossoms on its 15"h Wall Design green stem. Hardware not included. All ages. 18"L x 24"W each

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  • Ladybug Mirror

    Ladybug Mirror

    Our ladybug mirror attracts and amazes children as their reflections multiply in the six bubble mirror. Design silk screened on back of mirror so color will not scratch off. Hardware not included. 23"L x 23"W

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  • Mirror Tent

    Mirror Tent Madeline's Mirror Tent Fold-up lightweight vinyl-covered foam tunnel invites crawlies to explore enclosed space with large openings. Shatter-resistant Acrylic mirror invited children to stop and exercise observation skills. Blocks not...

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  • Periodic Table in Earth and Sky Poster

    PERIODIC TABLE IN EARTH AND SKY This periodic table poster is a 2008 edition. It includes new elements, great photos and essential information. This chart features fabulous mineral and astronomical images, information about each element as to its...

  • Seahorse Mirror Wall Panel

    The Seahorse Mirror Panel features a fun house mirror that changes shapes and sizes as one moves up and down from the head to the tail!  Kids of all ages get fascinated with physics as their reflection and images grow larger and smaller depending on...

  • Six Bubble Mirror Border

    Six Bubble Mirror Border

    Six Bubble Mirror Border - 2 pieces Use two mirrors singly or together. Bubble fish eyes see everything. Position high, low, horizontally, vertically, in a corner, or on a flat wall. Sold in two pieces. Hardware not included. All ages. 64"L x 11"W

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  • Soft Frame Concave Bubble Mirror

    Soft Frame Concave Bubble Mirror Nine concave repetitive bubble mirrors multiply and magnify your simple image. Stand faraway and your mirror image turns you upside down. Approach and be magnified. All ages. 34"L x 34"W x 1.5"H

  • T Rex Mirror

    T Rex Mirror A big buddy to share your every moment. Spruces up any wall! Hardware not included. All ages. This is a must for any home or waiting room! 54″L x 48″W x .06″H

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