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  • Create A Scene Magnetic USA Puzzle

    Create A Scene Magnetic USA Puzzle Kids learn to identify the states and their positions on the map as they fit the magnetic states together. The map, which unfolds to 18" x 14", shows major resources, industries, landmarks and attractions in...

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  • Great States Game Board

    Great States Game Board

    Board game for 2-6 players, ages 7+ Contents: game board, 100 "fact" cards, 100 "find" cards, 100 "figure" cards, 100 "fun" cards, spinner, mechanical timer, game rules.

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  • World Foam Map Puzzle

    World Foam Map Puzzle The Big Idea  You’ve got the whole world in your hands with this giant, fun-to-assemble foam puzzle. Tour continents and countries all around the world—from Australia to Zimbabwe.  Shhh…They’re...

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  • World Geophysical Map

    World Geophysical Map This Rand McNally map is 38 x 2 and is perfect for an overall view of our world. The scale is 1"=750 miles and compliments  any classroom. Unframed. All Grades.

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