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Be Amazing

  • All Season Snowman Science Kit

    All Season Snowman Science Kit Everyone loves a snow day… but what if the weather isn’t cooperating or you live somewhere that never, ever snows? Don’t worry, with Insta-Snow...

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  • Brain Tickling Science Kit

    Brain Tickling Science Kit

    Brain Tickling Science Kit When you want experiments that will really tickle your mind, you’re looking for the Brain Tickling Science kit. Whether you’re launching rings of fog, making a quicksand...

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  • Energy Stick - Set of 6

    Energy Stick-Set of 6 Do you think you are Electric? Do your friends get a “Charge” out of you? Does your body transmit electricity? Use our new Energy Stick to find out. Hold the Energy Stick in...

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  • FX Snow Cool Science Kit-Set of 6

    FX Snow Cool Science Kit-Set of 6

    FX Snow Cool Science Kit - Set of 6 Looking to add some movie magic to your models, train sets or action figures? With FX Snow you can turn any scene into a winter wonderland (or a blistering...

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  • Geyser Tube with Caps

    Geyser Tube with Caps

    Add an extra level of excitement to our immensely popular Geyser Tube® with interchangeable caps. The caps allow you to modify your geyser from a single circular spray to a rectangle,...

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  • Gravity Goo

    Gravity Goo

    Liquids can’t flow uphill, can they? With this amazing kit, you’ll mix up your own batch of gravity-defying goo that flows uphill as it “self-siphons” from one cup to another! Use the fizzing color...

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  • Grow Snow-Set of 12

    Grow Snow-Set of 12

    Just add water to a sprinkle of Insta-Snow® for an amazing reaction that erupts before your eyes. You’ll create “snow” so realistic that you will fool and amaze your family, friends, and any...

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  • Insta Snow Tube

    Insta Snow Tube

    Instant Snow is an amazing polymer that turns ordinary water into a white fluffy substance that looks like real snow! Insta-Snow, the original Instant Snow, is the latest technology used by movie...

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  • Insta Worms Science Kit

    Insta Worms Science Kit

    Create slimy, gooey worms—instantly! The moment the worm goo is added to the activator solution, worms magically appear. You can make fat worms, skinny worms, short worms, long worms, straight worms,...

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  • Rainbow Straws by Sick Science-Set of 6

    Rainbow Straws by Sick Science-Set of 6

    Density can be a difficult scientific property to grasp, that’s why we like making it colorful, fun, and (most importantly) simple! The Salt Water Density Straw is the epitome of kitchen science...