Balancing Clouds

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The inflatable Balance Stepping Clouds include hard and soft surfaces. The anti-slip surface, with two different patterns, offer various levels of sensory intensity. Each Cloud can be inflated to adjust the balance, this provides a platform for a dynamic balance experience.

  1. The textured surfaces with two different patterns offer various levels of tactile sensory intensity.
  2. The inflatable Balance Stepping Clouds with hard and soft sides create the platform for experiencing dynamic balance.
  3. Designed with different colors, patterns and combination ways, Weplay Balance Stepping Clouds opens numerous possibilities of routes and create levels of challenges.
 Play Value
  1. Balance Stepping Clouds offers the most suitable tactile sensory intensity.
  2. The activities with the Balance Stepping Clouds could improve dynamic balance skill and enhance physical coordination.
  3. Children could develop action planning skill and spatial awareness concepts through creating their own paths by using Balance Stepping Clouds.
  4. Jumping from one Cloud to another and keep balance would improve self-confidence and agility.
  • Components: Total 4 pcs (Blue × 2 pcs, Green × 2 pcs) 
  • Dimension: 23.7 × 31.5 × 4.5 cm 
9.64 (in)
13.18 (in)
8.66 (in)