This product was designed by one of the leading occuaptional therapy clinics in the country. The 3 in 1 Sensory System combines not only sensory integration, but gross motor, fine motor, strength building, step coordination, action / reaction, and is the most versatile scooter board ramp in production today. The 3 in 1 Sensory System can be used in the following ways:

When used in combination with the included scooter board, this unit will provide the ultimate therapy experience. The scooter board ramp itself is 6 ft long with a 2 foot flat resting area at the top. This gives the therapist or parent plenty of room to use the unit as a vestibular slide by allowing the child to roll down the the ramp, or to use it as a conventional scooter board ramp with three options for climb. The child can ascend the ramp by using the included rope, the included 12 inch pegs, or the rail handles located on the outside of the ramp itself. Each climbing method allows the therapist or parent to isolate the particular skill, therapy method, or strength building exercise necessary for the particular child using the system. Climbing rope is completely detachable in order to clear the ramp for other exercises.

By using the included nesting stairs, this unit becomes a great stair climber and uneven terrain walking system. The child can be encouraged to climb the three steps to the top of the platform, and then walk down the ramp to reach the floor. This exercise can also be reversed for the child to ascend the ramp by walking, and then step down the three steps to reach the floor. The scooter board ramp can be completely detached in order to use unit as a stair climber only. With ramp detached, unit can be used in open floor space, or against a wall. A great exercise when using against a wall, is to have the child ascend the stairs in order to reach a goal located at a higher level on the wall. With the platform standing at 18 inches tall, larger children can be encouraged to step to the top of it without using the smaller stairs. The stairs nest neatly inside the main ramp while not in use.

With the scooter board ramp detached. The nesting stairs can be used as a chair for children to sit on while using the platform as a desk for writing, therapeutic exercises, or other fine motor applications. Unit works great with the sensory university handwriting slant board and weighted pen or pencil.

The Ultimate 3 in 1 Sensory System has been tested to hold weights up to 200 pounds, giving the therapist or parent the ability to stand with the child. Unit is constucted from furniture grade maple and burch, but is not finished with any chemical. To encourage wood flex, the scooter board ramp and stairs have been constructed from 12 ply burch. Small gaps on outiside edge are completely normal and will come and go with use. This gapping system is not a defect in the wood, it allows the unit to be used daily withouth warping. Due to the fact this is an elevated device, adult supervision should be used at all times. All harware is stainless steel. Contains small pieces that could be a choking hazard for children under age 3.

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