The Coping Skills Workbook and CD

Ages: 7-12. By Lisa M. Schab, L.C.S.W. and illustrated by Andy Myer.

Teaches kids nine essential skills to help deal with real-life crisis. This workbook is designed to give children the basic tools they need for emotional self-care. Activities and scenarios challenge children to learn nine coping skills, including: becoming adept at labeling feelings, deciding what they need, listing things they can and can't change, and suggesting ways to make things better.

This workbook can be used as a method of intervention in helping the child who already exhibits coping problems. Ideally, it will be used with all children to prevent problems before they arise. It is intended to be used by a child with guidance from an adult.

Includes a Coping Skills Review at the end of the book to review the skills learned in the book. Also includes a certificate for the child who has learned to take care of him/her self on the inside; mastered the nine Coping Skills. Workbook is 97 pages, spiral-bound, and includes a CD.

The Coping Skills Workbook and CD
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