Sensory Star Carpet

Engage and delight with one of our sensory star carpets which bring sparkling effects that are accessible to all.

Our carpets are manufactured from high quality Vorwerk carpet with PMMA optical fiber woven into the pile.

Safe for children and adults alike, these carpets contain no heat or electricity and can be used as a safe , sparkling play mat. They can be used on top of existing flooring or can be attached to a wall to create a shimmering, colour changing star scene.

The fiber optic star carpet is 3'3 x 3'3 in size and has 4’11 tails from one corner of the carpet to lead to the generator. It comes as standard in black.

This kit comes as standard with Microled 1000 LED generator, a tiny seven colour generator which is completely controlled by two buttons on the rear of the unit. It Features multiple operation modes including static color and color cycling at a choice of three speeds. Estimated lamp life 50000 hours.

Pink and Blue carpets are available under options.

Sensory Star Carpet
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Price $399.99

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