Sensory Gelli Play

If you have a child that has sensory issues, this is the latest and greatest therapy tool on the market.  Gelli Play is the perfect size for a bow, sink or bucket and has replaced sensory snow and sand in many clinics across the country.  Hide items in it and encourage children to find them.

Gelli-Play is totally safe.  It was developed by a leading beauty and spa products manufactuer and conforms to strict cosmetic testing.  Gelli Play is a harmless powder which holds 400 times its own weight in water and creates a sensory wonderland for children to explore.  If you have used snow, sand, or rice in the past, this product is far superior and makes less of a mess. 

We recommend hide and hunt games for the sink or bowl such as having your child find his or her favority object submerged in the bath.  This exercise promotes sensory acceptance, as well as concentration and fine motor skills. Colors ship at random.

Ages over 3 unless strictly monitored by adult.

Sensory Gelli Play
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