Senso Room Affordable Sensory Room Combo System Saves Thousands

The Sensory University Original Senso Room will offer your child a "safe place" to dwell within your home as well as you the comfort of knowing you have a go to place for those difficult melt down situations that we are all aware of. If purchased individually outside of Sensory University this system would cost thousands.  Senso Room can be installed in less than an hour but will provide hundreds of hourse of calming for your children and maybe even the adults in our home.  Below you will find a detailed list of what is included in the system.

Fiberoptic Visual Stimulation System

Through our extensive network of manufacturers and design engineers, Sensory University has finally been able to bring to you an affordable at home fiber optic system.  Our all new visual stimulation system is of the same quality that is used in Snoezelen clinics across Europe and Germany for less than 300 dollars.  This product covers the range of broad spectrum fiber optic colors through its 100 strands either in auto mode or can be manually changed by its included remote control.  Visual light therapy offers instant calming to children both on the spectrum and a wide variety of sensory disorders.  We suggest that this therapy be combined with our Ease Music System and your childs favorite group of fidgets.  Finally a soothing system that sells for thousands across the world can be brought to your child at an affordable price.  Each unit includes RAE safety rating certificate.  Adult supervision required. 

Desktop Fiber Optic Visual Stimulant

This fiber optic light offers a calming visual wonderland for children of all ages. Great for sensory challenged children, as well as kids with any type of developmental delay. Great calming agent at bed time. Ages 4 and up, requires 3 AA batteries (not included)

Wild Walls

Unique in-room light and sound experience! Just decorate with the desired decals, activate and watch the amazing scene come to life on your walls. Available in differnet animal scenes and your favorite licensed characters. Lights gently fade in and out, illuminating your wall and ceiling. Synchronized lights and sounds that bring the scene to life. Auto shut off. This product offers hours of fun and visual stimulation.

Full Stereo Black Light Room Soothing System

At over four feet long, our stereo black light system is enough to light any childs room with soothing light.  This is a perfect combination for use with your childs favorite therapeutic music and is compatible with our Vision Audio music as well.  Simply connect your MP3 player and you are set to go.  Add a few glow in the dark stars such as our Jar of Stars and your child is set to enjoy an instant sensory wonderland.


  • Enjoy all your Favorite Music from your MP3/MP4 Player
  • Full Digital Stereo Sound
  • Built-in Adjustable MP3/MP4 Cradle
  • Volume Control
  • On/Off Black Light Control
  • Strobing Black Light Mode (with Speed Control)
  • Black Light Music Responsive Mode
  • Looks great Sitting on Furniture or Hanging on a Wall

Animatronic Sensory Singing Birds

Sensory University Animatronic Singing Bird System offers instant calming to any sensory room.  With both full range movement and micro stereo sound these birds are sure to sing your child to sleep or offer instant calming during a meltdown situation.  Always keep a spare set of batteries around becuase from what we hear once a child sleeps with this awesome thrill of nature, they cant sleep without it. 

  • Sound Activated
  • Listen to them Sing
  • Animatronic Movements
  • Hand Painted
  • Built-In Storage Compartments
  • Looks & Sounds Great in any Home or Office

Requires 3 'AA' batteries, not included

Small parts ages over 3 if children have direct contact

Glowing Stars and Supernova

Use this set of over 100 glow in the dark stars and planets in two sizes to light up any dark room. Includes mounting putty.  Ages 6 and up.

Ease Therapeutic Music CD # 3

The EASe CD #3 was created to provide a child with a wide variety of music for their EASe schedule. These discs were developed using very attractive musical beds that a child will find easy to listen to and at the same time, extremely rich in high frequency content and natural instruments. If your child is demonstrably auditory hypersensitive, we highly suggest that you purchase the entire set of EASe CD's which will equal a full ten hours of original musical content. We have created a schedule in which a parent can easily acquire all ten EASe CD's at the lowest cost possible. If you think your child is auditory hypersensitive, then just purchase EASe #1. If you know your child is auditory hypersensitive, then buy as many EASe CD's as you can afford. Then add the rest to complete the entire set. In this way your child will get the most effective EASe listening program possible.




Senso Room Affordable Sensory Room Combo System Saves Thousands
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