17" Skeleton Aquaria Terraria Set of 6 Binoculars
17" SkeletonAquaria Terraria Set of 6Binoculars

Spring-loaded jaw and moveable arms and legs. The calvarium opens for a look inside. This skeleton is 17" tall on his included and removable stand. Extremely minimal assembly required.

1 Gallon Student Aquaria/Terraria, Tank and Cover The 1 Gallon makes a perfect terrarium for plants. Best of all, each is made of plastic that is sturdy for all types of use. The molded "feet" on the bottom keep them from harming furniture! These...

Levenhuk LabZZ B2 Binoculars will make any child feel like a true researcher and explorer. These compact binoculars are designed specifically for young observers. The body shape and binoculars’ size are perfect for small children’s...




Black Latex Gloves Body IQ Board Game Bug Vacuum
Black Latex GlovesBody IQ Board GameBug Vacuum
Just like on TV! These are what all your fashion-forward crime scene investigators are wearing this year: black latex exam gloves from Phantom™. Powder-free, non-sterile, with a textured surface to improve your grip. Our each is a box of 100.

Throw the dice, follow the blood vessels and discover how amazing the body is. Take your friends with you to discover the body and solve all the challenges the game offers. The game consists of exciting and funny questions about the body, and for...

Catching bugs is now a lot less icky! This fun set includes a trigger-activated bug vacuum, two nose cones, one pipe sucker, a detachable observation chamber with a magnifying lid, and a pair of tweezers. Requires four AA batteries - not included. Include this with the Critter Case!




Crystal Mining Kit Cycles in Nature Poster Doodling Robot
Crystal Mining KitCycles in Nature PosterDoodling Robot

Dig and scrape away at the plaster rock mountain to uncover three beautiful crystals. Digging tool included. What a great project for home or school for kids of all ages!

Cycles in Nature

Learn about the many cycles that occur in nature. The water cycle, the oxygen cycle, the lunar cycle, the cycle of the seasons, and the rock cycle are all depicted in detailed diagrams. Cycle on! Size: 26" x 38"

This creative robot dooles a picture without your hand! Parts, pens and assembly instructions included. Watch your childs face as they assemble this and it draws for them! AA battery (not included) and be ready with a picture frame!




Earthworm Model Activity Set Elements of the Universe Poster Everyday Uses Rock and Card Set
Earthworm Model Activity SetElements of the Universe PosterEveryday Uses Rock and Card Set
Earthworm Model Activity Set Classical relief of the anterior portion of the earthworm shows the internal organs and systems representative of primitive invertebrates. Model clearly illustrates the body in cross section and enhances or replaces...We have finally produced the sequel to "The Periodic Table in Earth and Sky" and it is this "Elements" poster. This graphically exquisite poster contains information about the early universe, Timeline of the Universe (from "birth" to present); 10...We all loved learning about rocks and couldn’t resist licking Halite, which is where we get table salt and writing with our Graphite rock. Identify various rocks and minerals and correlate them to their real-life uses with this hands-on...




Explorer Telescope Eyes Poster GeoSafari Motorized Solar System
Explorer TelescopeEyes PosterGeoSafari Motorized Solar System

This 15x telescope extends from 8"-14". Great for stargazing. Four assorted colors that ships randomly. Lens cap included.

Eyes The new "Eyes" science poster is both colorful and interesting. These 45 images help capture some of the range in diversity of the different shapes, colors and even strangeness of eyes on our planet. Water creatures, insects and land animals...

Grades 1 and up. The "sun" shines onto the nine planets as they orbit around it. The central tower and planetary support rods are black so that they "disappear" in a darkened room for a spectacular effect! Replace the solar dome with the star...




Hand Boiler Individual Frog Models of Dissection Kaleidoscopic Visual Stimulator
Hand BoilerIndividual Frog Models of DissectionKaleidoscopic Visual Stimulator

An exotic bit of hand blown glass with a bulb at top and bottom connected by some zippy tubing that spirals, loops, and/or jogs. In the closed system is some colored liquid (methylene chloride) that is very light. Hold the lower bulb in your hand...

Individual Frog Models of Dissection MI-OWN Frog Models permit safe, humane, inexpensive, accurate and individual frog dissection. Each Frog is life size (8" high). They are washable, reusable, unbreakable, and require no magnets, glue or hook...

Can You Imagine looking into a new kind of kaleidoscope that you don't have to hold up to the light? Can You Imagine a built-in light show that happens as you look at the kaleidoscopic images? Can You Imagine changing the color of the images...




Kalightoscope Lamp LCD Digital Microscope LED Magnifier
Kalightoscope LampLCD Digital MicroscopeLED Magnifier
Get the party started! These little portable LED disco light projectors throw a kaleidoscope of dancing lights across walls and ceilings. Unit measures 4 inches tall. Requires 3 AA batteries, not included. Only a few left in stock! This item is on clearance!!Levenhuk DTX 500 LCD Digital Microscope with built-in 3.5-inch LCD display allows you to study samples under magnification of 20x to 500x and save results of your work in image or video format to a microSD card. 8 built-in LED lights evenly light...Levenhuk Zeno 700 LED Magnifier is a practical and reliable tool for those who often work with texts and images. Its design and powerful 10x magnification allow you to see even the smallest details of objects. The yielded images are sharp and...




Magnets Kit Microscope 48 Piece Set Monocular
Magnets KitMicroscope 48 Piece Set Monocular
Magnets Kit Help students understand the force of magnetism with these exciting experiments including classifying magnetic and non-magnetic materials, what attracts and repels, magnetic force through solids, how compasses react to a magnetic...Magnify your mind! Young scientists can investigate everything from cells to crystals with this 48-piece microscope. The set includes all the tools kids need to create their own specimen slides and view them at up to 600x magnification. Provides...You will be pleasantly surprised with Levenhuk Wise 8x32 Monocular’s optical performance. The lenses are made of quality BaK-4 glass, which eliminates negative effects of the phase shift and increases image sharpness and contrast. The...




Periodic Table in Earth and Sky Planets New Discoveries DVD Poisonous Plants of the World
Periodic Table in Earth and SkyPlanets New Discoveries DVDPoisonous Plants of the World
PERIODIC TABLE IN EARTH AND SKY This periodic table poster is a 2008 edition. It includes new elements, great photos and essential information. This chart features fabulous mineral and astronomical images, information about each element as to...

Planets: New Discoveries, DVD Discover the latest about Earth's celestial neighbors, based on the newest generation of high-tech space probes, including recent Voyager, Magellan and Galileo imagery to create an exciting visual experience.

Poisonous Plants of the World Poisonous Plants of the World Poster - New! This poster contains 40 plant images with plenty of information: about their scientific name, common name, active parts of the plant;active ingredients; additional...




Skyline Telescope Spotting Scope Ultimate Secret Formula Lab
Skyline TelescopeSpotting ScopeUltimate Secret Formula Lab
The telescope comes with 5x optical finder scope, which helps you easily find desired celestial objects. The kit also includes three eyepieces: 20 mm, 12.5 mm and 4 mm, when installed on the telescope the eyepieces provide 30x, 48x and 150x...Discover the world with Levenhuk Blaze 50! The wide range of magnifications from 15x to 45x allows you to observe highly remote objects. The high aperture objective lens provides great visibility even in dim light conditions (for example, at...The Extreme Secret Formula Lab has young scientists concocting experiments that glow, ooze, and stink up the kitchen! This set includes beaker, mixing bowl, funnel, eyedropper, test tube stand, mix-and-measure scoop, sticker sheet,...




3D Glow Solar System Stickers Beakers Set of 5 Brain Race Game
3D Glow Solar System StickersBeakers Set of 5Brain Race Game

Stick these plastic planets on the wall or ceiling for a 3D solar display. Adhesive included. This is great for visual stimulation!

Set of five graduated beakers with molded pouring lip are nested for storage. Sizes include 1000 ml, 500 ml, 300 ml, 200 ml and 100 ml.

Brain Race introduces students to functions of the spinal cord and brain. Students travel around a mat in the shape of the spinal cord and brain, picking up and losing Bio-Bucks. Brain Race is a great introduction to a unit on the nervous system....




Digital Scale Dissection Kit Dry Erase Magnetic Measurement Set
Digital ScaleDissection KitDry Erase Magnetic Measurement Set
Quality electronic scale with precision digital readout. Zero adjustment function for all types of accurate weighing activities. Auto-off feature saves on batteries. Accurate +/- to 1 gram. WARNING CHOKING HAZARD : Small Parts. Not for Children Under 3 yrs.

This is a beginning dissection kit for the student learning the basics of dissection! Watch the excitement when your student dissects an earthworm, frog, or grasshopper. (Specimens sold separately from your preserved specimen supplier.) The kit...

Draw precise circles and other shapes for the whole class to see with these durable tools. Includes one each, 30/60/90 Triangle, 24" Straightedge, 45/45/90 Triangle, Protractor and Compass. For teacher use only. WARNING CHOKING HAZARD : Small...




Exploring the Human Body/Teachers Guide and Lab Materials Extreme Secret Formula Lab Female Reproductive Model Activity Set
Exploring the Human Body/Teachers Guide and Lab MaterialsExtreme Secret Formula LabFemale Reproductive Model Activity Set
Breathe new life into Life Science! Our Exploring The Human Body kit brings together the popular 3-D Human Torso model with the Microslide® Lesson set series in a highly effective multimedia teaching tool. An all-new teacher’s guide...

The Extreme Secret Formula Lab has young scientists concocting experiments that glow, ooze, and stink up the kitchen! This set includes beaker, mixing bowl, funnel, eyedropper, test tube stand, mix-and-measure scoop, sticker sheet,...

Detailed 3-D model of the lower female torso shows reproductive organs and a cross-sectioned ovum. Valuable graphic aid for discussing health issues and pregnancy. Activity Set includes a 18" W x 24" H model, Activity Guide, and overhead...




Flexible Meter Stick Set of 12 Galaxy Kinetic Art Geometric Volume Set
Flexible Meter Stick Set of 12Galaxy Kinetic Art Geometric Volume Set

Measure large curved surfaces with ease! This flexible Meter Stick has customary units on one side and metric units on the other. Customary side marked in 1/8" increments with alternating black bars showing inches. Metric side marked in...

Spin the cone and watch five metallic orbits rotate in mid-air around a small planet in the center. Crescent stand measures 11.5 inches tall. Requires two AA batteries, not included. Wow at the visual stimulation!!!

Demonstrate and compare volume using plastic geometric shapes. Includes cone, sphere, cylinder, cube, pyramid and rectangular prism




GeoSafari Jr Talking Microscope Glowing Planets and Supernova Hurricane Tracking Project
GeoSafari Jr Talking MicroscopeGlowing Planets and SupernovaHurricane Tracking Project
The Big Idea Investigate twelve fascinating bugs up close, listen to cool bug facts, and challenge your knowledge of each creepy critter in fun quiz games. Colors may vary Shhh...They're Learning! Great tool for budding biologists and...

Turn your child's room into a sensory wonderland with this glowing planet and supernova kit. Each kit includes 100 stars and 9 planets that glow in the dark.

This 36" x 45" chart provides student with a tool to track actual hurricanes using data from the Internet. The guide includes information on types of hurricanes with a glossary and activities to plot current or past hurricanes. Can be used again and again. Markers are included.




Igneous Rock Bag Intro Rock Kit Liter Cube
Igneous Rock BagIntro Rock Kit Liter Cube
This NEW Igneous Rock Bag is an economy collection of 6 commonly known igneous rocks. Igneous rocks are formed by the cooling of molten rock, either magma or lava. Each generous specimen is 1.25" to 1.50" and is contained in a resealable zip lock bag with a label. Grades 5-12This NEW Basic Rock Collection is a great introduction to Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks. The 5 1/2" X 4 1/4" full color cardstock holds 18 - 1/2" to 3/4" specimens that explain the difference in these three types of rocks. Packaged in a resealable zip lock bag.Clearly see the relationship between cubic centimeters and millimeters with this plastic Liter Cube. Holds solids or liquids and includes a lid for less mess! Marked every 100ml to 1 liter. A filled cube holds up to 1,000 ml or 1,000 centimeter cubes stacked 10 x 10 x 10.




Liter Pitcher Male Reproductive Model Activity Set Master Set of Human Reproduction Set of 9
Liter PitcherMale Reproductive Model Activity SetMaster Set of Human Reproduction Set of 9

Graduated 1000 ml pitcher is shaped for pouring control. Easy to read calibration every 10 ml.

Depicts all male reproductive organs, plus greatly magnified sectioned sperm. 18" W x 24" H model comes with activity guide, glossary, black line master, and color overhead transparency. Students discuss topics such as prostate cancer,...

Full-color models clarify the functions of male and female reproductive systems. This master set includes all nine Human Reproductive System Model Activity Sets: Menstrual Cycle, Male Reproductive System, Female Reproductive System, Meiosis,...




Metamorphic Rock Bag Microbiology Kit Microslide Viewer
Metamorphic Rock BagMicrobiology KitMicroslide Viewer
This NEW Metamorphic Rock Bag is an economy collection of 6 commonly known metamorphic rocks. Metamorphic rocks are formed by pressure and heat that may or may not be influenced by the introduction of chemically active solutions. Each generous...

Students culture bacteria, yeast and mold with this popular kit. They also study algae and protozoa from pond water they provide. Kit contains sterile growth containers, media, cultures of mixed bacteria, yeast and mixed mold. Background material...

The Micro-Slide Viewer is a specially designed teaching tool for viewing Microslides. It is a precision instrument, made in the USA and is unconditionally guaranteed against breakage for 5 years. The viewer does not require electricity or...




Mini Magnifying Glass Set of 10 Mortar and Pestle Outer Space Pathfinder Wall Panel
Mini Magnifying Glass Set of 10Mortar and PestleOuter Space Pathfinder Wall Panel

Mini magnifier measures 2" x 4.5" and includes a 5/8" bifocal. Set of 10

Mortar & Pestle, Porcelain,130mm, 320ml.

Travel out of this world with the Outer Space Pathfinder Wall Panel ! Children can explore the galaxy, space shuttles, shooting stars, planets, and outer space aliens as they guide the pieces along the paths. Moving the pieces forward, backward,...




PLASTIC HEMISPHERES Plastic Petri Dish 20 Pack Plastic Skull Model
PLASTIC HEMISPHERESPlastic Petri Dish 20 PackPlastic Skull Model

Plastic hemispheres that challenge anybody's balancing skills. You can try to walk on the hemispheres with either side-the flat or the round side-up.

Plastic Petri Dish, pack of 20. 90 MMD.

This detailed Human Skull Model is great for all ages! The life-sized model features a spring mounted mandible and a detachable skull. Included is a detailed key.




Plastic Test Tube Rack Reaction Timer School Days Forecast
Plastic Test Tube RackReaction TimerSchool Days Forecast

Test Tube Plastic Rack, 8 holes x 18mm, and 4 holes 20mm with drying pins. Wooden test tube rack also available.

Reaction Timer This instrument can be used to time a person's reaction to light, sound and touch stimuli. 1 Reaction Timer Instruction Sheet

This products teaches record keeping skills, and uses the same weather symbol clings (clings sold separately below) that are used on the "weather wall" to show the weather for the day of the week.




Sedimentary Rock Bag Soda Bottles 30 Pack Student Thermometers  Set of 10
Sedimentary Rock BagSoda Bottles 30 PackStudent Thermometers Set of 10
This NEW Sedimentary Rock Bag is an economy collection of 6 commonly known sedimentary rocks. Sedimentary rocks are formed from preexisting rocks through the processes of erosion, followed by compaction or chemical precipitation. Each generous...

Grow plants, observe critters, capture a crystal-like rainbow, or make a wave bottle. SAFETY WARNINGS Ages 8+

Measure Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures with these easy to read, 2”x 6” non-toxic thermometers. Set of 10.




Teaching Genetics Kit Teaching Tornado Test Tube Bristle Brush
Teaching Genetics KitTeaching TornadoTest Tube Bristle Brush

"Mate" a Pastick sperm and egg containing selected genes. Then have your students produce Drosophila with dozens of different traits. Demonstrate the steps of Mitosis by dividing chromosomes for the class. (26 exciting hands-on demonstrations)...

Every classroom needs a Teaching Tornado! Finally, weather related phenomenon comes right into the classroom. Your students will love this demonstration model that teaches the principles of how tornadoes form. Students will learn about how a...

Test Tube Brushes Bristle 17mm d.x50mm l.x150mm tl.




Thunderstorms DVD Weather Forecast Lab with DVD Weather Kit
Thunderstorms DVDWeather Forecast Lab with DVDWeather Kit

See how meteorologists use sophisticated forecast tools to track major storms that produce weather phenomena such as microbursts, tornadoes and floods.

Hands-on activities will help students understand basic weather concepts about processes in our atmosphere. Students learn how to use weather instruments to gather data for their own classroom weather station. This kit offers a week's worth of...The weather kit features experiments that are perfect for encouraging your students' creativity and hands-on exploration of predicting weather changes. Reusable kit includes background information and technical guidance, supplemental...




Weather Watch Board Wooden Test Tube Rack Insta Worms Science Kit
Weather Watch BoardWooden Test Tube RackInsta Worms Science Kit

The Weather Watch Board is a realistic tool for teaching students about the complexity of weather conditions. Complete with a NOAA Weather Radio, students can have access to the most up-to-date weather information available. The 35" x 45"...

This rack holds 12 tubes with 2 rows.

Create slimy, gooey worms—instantly! The moment the worm goo is added to the activator solution, worms magically appear. You can make fat worms, skinny worms, short worms, long worms, straight worms, zigzag worms, worm eggs, color-changing...




Balloon Powered Vehicle Set Body Poster Gravity Goo
Balloon Powered Vehicle SetBody PosterGravity Goo

This set includes everything you need to have a Balloon Powered good time! Includes two Balloon Helicopters, two Balloon Racers, 31 Rocket Balloons and an 11.5 inch pump.

Kids will challenge their knowledge as they explore the colorfully illustrated anatomy of the human body with this giant 20x50 wall poster. Poster features interesting anatomical facts collected from the bodyIQ®. Not your ordinary poster, the...

Liquids can’t flow uphill, can they? With this amazing kit, you’ll mix up your own batch of gravity-defying goo that flows uphill as it “self-siphons” from one cup to another! Use the fizzing color tablets to make the...




Bubble Blast by Sick Science Set of 6 Celestial Star Globe Transparent Color Chem by Sick Science - Set of 6
Bubble Blast by Sick Science Set of 6Celestial Star Globe TransparentColor Chem by Sick Science - Set of 6

There’s something magical about a bubble. It’s just a little puff of air trapped in a thin film of soap and water, but its precise spherical shape and beautiful swirling colors make it a true wonder of science. A bubble’s life...

Unique 12" diameter globe design gives visual reference to aid the astronomer' conception of Earth in space. Shows constellations and many other cosmic phenomena in 3-D format. The Universal Celestial Globe is mounted in a full horizon and...

The term goldenrod is typically used to describe a color of paper – golden yellow. However, our goldenrod paper contains a special dye that turns bright red when exposed to solutions that are basic, like ammonia water or washing soda....




Critter Lights Demolition Lab Triple Blast Warehouse All Season Snowman Science Kit
Critter LightsDemolition Lab Triple Blast WarehouseAll Season Snowman Science Kit

These cute forest critter head lamps have adjustable bands to fit most. Bright LED lights have flashing or steady light modes. Two styles: Raccoon and Bear. Please specify in notes which one you would like. Requires two AA batteries, not included

The mind blowing Demolition Lab Triple Blast Warehouse set lets kids build unlimited warehouse structures and then demolish them with strategically placed blasters - all while getting inside the science of energy, force, momentum and gravity!...

Everyone loves a snow day… but what if the weather isn’t cooperating or you live somewhere that never, ever snows? Don’t worry, with Insta-Snow powder, all you need is water and you’ll have realistic, cool-to-the-touch...




Early Childhood Science Exploration Kit Earth and Moon System DVD Earth In My Room
Early Childhood Science Exploration KitEarth and Moon System DVDEarth In My Room
Explore Physical Science concepts and encourage creativity investigating scientific ideas such as light, color, magnetism, motion, air, plants, and water. Simple experiments will entice the youngest students and encourage group interaction. Includes a Teacher's Guide.

Explore the unique relationship between the Earth and its companion Moon. Understand the reasons why these planetary bodies are considered a system and how their mutual movement creates tides, eclipses and natural phenomena that affect us all.

Earth In My Room™ Imagine seeing an awe-inspiring view of Earth from space in your room! With Earth In My Room watch Earth's city lights illuminate from East to West in brilliant detail. It's a real wonder of our world! Great sensory...




Energy Stick  Set of 6 Brain Tickling Science Kit Exploring Your Senses Kit
Energy Stick Set of 6Brain Tickling Science KitExploring Your Senses Kit

Do you think you are Electric? Do your friends get a “Charge” out of you? Does your body transmit electricity? Use our new Energy Stick to find out. Hold the Energy Stick in your hands and see if it lights up and makes noises. Try it...

When you want experiments that will really tickle your mind, you’re looking for the Brain Tickling Science kit. Whether you’re launching rings of fog, making a quicksand clock, or defying gravity with anti-gravity beads, you’ll...

Encourage students' creativity while they explore the wonders of the human senses. Hands-on experiments with tactile and visual accessories facilitate student interaction and make learning fun! Includes a 44-page Teacher's Guide and 'Sounds in...




Field Binoculars Fingerprint Detective Kit Fireworks Lightshow In My Room
Field BinocularsFingerprint Detective KitFireworks Lightshow In My Room

These durable 5.25 inch binoculars feature 6 X 35 power, and come in two assorted translucent colors. Detachable neck strap included

Learn the techniques used by detectives to identify suspects and record important clues. Contains 10 fingerprint cards, dusting powder, stamp pad, brush and 20 stickers used for collecting fingerprints. All stores in a sturdy plastic case.

Fireworks Lightshow In My Room™ Incredible fireworks light show launcher Now you can create an incredible fireworks show right in your room! Pump up the fireworks launcher, choose your firework, aim and pull the trigger. Watch as amazing...




FX Snow Cool Science Kit  Set of 6 Geyser Tube  Set of 6 Geyser Tube with Caps
FX Snow Cool Science Kit Set of 6Geyser Tube Set of 6Geyser Tube with Caps

Looking to add some movie magic to your models, train sets or action figures? With FX Snow you can turn any scene into a winter wonderland (or a blistering blizzard!) Insta-Snow® creates a snow bank in a cup—instantly! Just add water to...

Create a spectacular geyser (up to 25 feet high!) using only the included candy and a bottle of soda. The Geyser Tube™ was created especially for this amazing experiment, and allows you to safely load and dispense the candy into the soda so...

Add an extra level of excitement to our immensely popular Geyser Tube® with interchangeable caps. The caps allow you to modify your geyser from a single circular spray to a rectangle, cross-shaped, or three-spout geyser. Included are the...




Giant Bubble Science Kit Glow in the Dark Lab Glow Solar System Mobile Kit
Giant Bubble Science KitGlow in the Dark LabGlow Solar System Mobile Kit

Blow giant bubbles and perform amazing experiments with everyday materials. Discover the science and geometry of bubbles while having fun. Each kit includes bubble solution, parts to create several wands, geometric forms, bubble tray and full...

Put this glow-boratory to the test with Glow-in-the-Dark Lab, and master nine principles of science, while experimenting with 20 brilliant projects! This set includes beaker, mix-n-measure scoop, mixing cup, bouncy ball mold, 2 test tubes and...

Construct a 16.5 x 16.5 inch glow in the dark solar mobile. Kit includes planets, stencils, squeeze glow paint pen, rods, string, a fact-filled wall chart and a fun Kidz Quiz questionnaire. Who knew learning and creating your own project could be so fun!




Glowing Moon and Stars Grow Snow  Set of 12 H2 Goo
Glowing Moon and StarsGrow Snow Set of 12H2 Goo

This plastic glow in the dark stars set includes a big 11.5 inch crescent moon and ten glow stars in assorted sizes 1.5 to 3.5 inches. Adhesive included. Just imagine how cool your childs room will appear at night!

Just add water to a sprinkle of Insta-Snow® for an amazing reaction that erupts before your eyes. You’ll create “snow” so realistic that you will fool and amaze your family, friends, and any movie camera. Insta-Snow® is...

Create a sensory wonderland from your childs sink, tub, kiddie pool, or almost any small body of water.  Excellent tactile exercise for children who are reluctant to come into contact with wet or gooey textures.




Illumintated Ant Farm       Visually Intensive Illusion Science Kit Inflatable Torso Model
Illumintated Ant Farm Visually IntensiveIllusion Science KitInflatable Torso Model
The Illuminated Anf Farm Gel Colony is an old classic with a new sensory twist, IT LIGHTS UP for hours of entertainment. Watch as ants dig 3-D tunnels in illuminated nutrient-rich gel. No feeding or watering needed! This unit has been made break...Experiment with over 20 optic activities and learn the scientific explanations behind them. Kit includes illusion tricks card, spinning top with four illusion cards, 3D picture cards, stencil, markers, 3D glasses, carry pouch and detailed information on each optic activity.

Our NEW Inflatable Torso Model is an excellent economical way to introduce the basics of anatomy. Our vinyl model includes a removable inflatable brain, right and left lungs, heart and digestive system. Each piece displays numbered parts which...




Jiggly Jewels Jungle Lights Kaleidoscope Making Kit
Jiggly JewelsJungle LightsKaleidoscope Making Kit
With the components of this kit, you’ll be able to: • Learn about the amazing science of the superabsorbent polymer as you grow giant, colorful, gooey, jelly crystals that look just like jewels. • Use more super-absorbent polymer...

These cute animal shaped head lamps have adjustable bands to fit most. Bright LED lights have flashing or steady light modes. Two styles: Monkey and Frog. Requires two AA batteries, not included. 

Build a 10 inch kaleidoscope from scratch! Kit includes everything you need to decorate and customize your kaleidoscope in four different styles: holographic, glow, snow and color.What a great visual stimulation project!




Lemon Clock Science Kit Magnetic Levitator Metal Detector Robot Kit
Lemon Clock Science KitMagnetic LevitatorMetal Detector Robot Kit

Discover the science of batteries by powering a clock with just a lemon. Kit includes clock, electrodes and instructions on package. Lemon is not included.

This fascinating anti-gravity spinning device works on the principle of repelling magnets. The levitator appears to float in space because of a small friction point, which also helps it rotate for a surprising amount of time. A great desk-top distraction.

Construct a cool metal detecting robot you can control by remote! Learn the principles behind how your robot works. The detector can be detached from the robot to use and carry on a handy key chain too. This educational and fun kit includes all...




Mighty Magnet Set Moon In My Room Night Sky Projection Create a Sky
Mighty Magnet SetMoon In My RoomNight Sky Projection Create a Sky

This colorful mighty magnet set includes two 3.75 inch horseshoe magnets, five magnetic marbles and 7.5 inch magnetic wand. Also includes two star-shaped magnets, two mini horseshoe magnets and two round disk magnets.

Moon In My Room® With Light-up Lunar Phases What's different about the moon tonight? It's inside your room! Authentically detailed, Moon In My Room hangs on your wall and shines moonlight just like the real moon. Twelve different phase...

Create your own star projector using the contents of this kit. Includes northern and southern hemispheres, 4.5 inch diameter lamp, star charts and instructions. This is a great visual stimulant and calming all at the same time!




Rainbow Straws by Sick Science Set of 6 Robotic Hand Kit Roman Candle Fireball Blaster
Rainbow Straws by Sick Science Set of 6Robotic Hand KitRoman Candle Fireball Blaster

Density can be a difficult scientific property to grasp, that’s why we like making it colorful, fun, and (most importantly) simple! The Salt Water Density Straw is the epitome of kitchen science. You’ll use materials that are right in...

Assemble a robotic human hand and amaze your friends with it's realistic gripping ability. Detailed instructions are included. Completed hand is approximately 9" long.

Roman Candle Fireball Blaster™ Amazing visual sensory experience for children! Shoot beams of colored light into the night sky with the Roman Candle Fireball Blaster! Load the lighted balls into the blaster, pump and shoot them up to 25 ft....




Root Viewer Test Tube Wonders Smartphone Science Lab
Root ViewerTest Tube WondersSmartphone Science Lab

From sprouting to full harvest, the Root Viewer allows you to observe vegetables growing right before your eyes. Complete with enough seeds for several plantings, this kit includes a quality wooden stand, three plastic root toobers, growing...

The founding member of our popular “Terrific Test Tube” family, this kit is a collection of twenty amazing experiments, each contained in an unbreakable test tube. Each test tube contains up to three cool activities and lots of...

With Smartphone Science Lab attachments, you can transform any smartphone or table into an awe-inspiring science instrument! 20 experiments can be done. Use the four optical filters to explore the mysteries of light! This set includes universal...




Solar Robot Kit Solar System Simulator Solar System and Beyond DVD
Solar Robot KitSolar System SimulatorSolar System and Beyond DVD

Learn how to make a moving robot using solar panels and a motor. Assemble your robot from the included parts and teach it to do simple tasks. Everyone in your neighborhood will want this!

See the solar system in action! The Solar System Simulator is a three-dimensional model of our Sun and the eight planets. The calendar at the base allows the positioning of planets according to the date and shows the relative position between individual planets and the sun. Grades: 3 - 9Come explore the complexities of our Universe with the latest astronomical discoveries as we go beyond the Solar System. Using computer animation and vivid imagery from the Hubble Space Telescope, we will probe the farthest reaches of outer space. 30 minutes full color.




Solar System Magnetic Wall Sticker Solar System Planet Poster T Rex Excavation Kit
Solar System Magnetic Wall StickerSolar System Planet PosterT Rex Excavation Kit

Kids will discover The Solar System and learn interesting facts about the planets that orbit the Sun with this unique Magnetic Wall Sticker. Made with a patented light-weight material that mounts with ease and removes cleanly from most surfaces....

Updated to reflect the current eight celestial planets. (Sorry Pluto!) Designed by AMEP’s award winning Graphic Designer, this poster will bring a stunning representation of the Solar System to the classroom. Relative size and distance is...

Excavate parts of a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur skeleton from a mound of clay -earth-, then assemble it! Each T-Rex kit includes unearthed block, excavation tool, brush, fun Kidz Quiz facts and instructions.




Test Tube Adventures Understanding Electricity Poster Understanding The Earth Poster
Test Tube AdventuresUnderstanding Electricity PosterUnderstanding The Earth Poster

An award-winning member of our popular terrific "Test Tube” family, this kit is a collection of five amazing, stand alone, easy science experiments, each contained in an unbreakable test tube.

The sources and uses of electricity as well as a thorough definition are presented in this colorful poster. Nine of the pioneers in electricity are also depicted. Teacher information sheet included. 26" x 38"

Grades 8-12

The Earth and Earth Science are in the news everyday! Whether it is discussing Natural Disasters, Weather or the Environment, it is our planet and students are being taught how to take care of it. The shape of the Earth and it's core have a...




Visual Electromagnetic Spectrum Poster Volcano Making Kit Wall Friends Projector 7 Choices
Visual Electromagnetic Spectrum PosterVolcano Making KitWall Friends Projector 7 Choices

We live in a sea of waves. With this exciting visual aid, students can explore the unique relationship between the unseen electric and magnetic waves surrounding us. See the difference between wavelength and frequency scales in addition to...

Make your own volcano and watch as it erupts with bubbling, fizzing lava! This kit includes fast drying plaster, volcano mold, 6 colors of paint, paint brush and stir stick. Comes with molding and painting instructions, fun science facts and...

Now you can make your favorite preschool character come to life in your own room! Push the remote and watch your friend light up and talk to you with fun, familiar phrases. It's also a great night light with auto shut off mode. Perfect for your sensory room. Enjoyed by all ages. Ages 3+.




Weather Station Kit Weather Wall Hanging Map WILD WALLS
Weather Station KitWeather Wall Hanging MapWILD WALLS

This personal desalination kit demonstrates the scientific way to extract salt from sea water. Kit contains a plastic filter system, active carbon, sand, rock, filter paper and instructions. Just add a water glass. Everyone needs to learn about weather!

Our king-sized national map can't be missed, even in a large classroom. This giant, easy to hang poster includes 19 colorful, movable, and meteorological accurate weather symbols. A great way to spark interest in weather science, the package will...

Unique in-room light and sound experience! Just decorate with the desired decals, activate and watch the amazing scene come to life on your walls. Available in differnet animal scenes and your favorite licensed characters. Lights gently fade in...




World Geophysical Map
World Geophysical Map

This Rand McNally map is 38 x 2 and isperfect f an overall view of our world. The scale is 1"=750 miles and compliments  any classroom. Unframed. All Grades.