How do I Feel Book

Green, Joan Utilizing the power of visual strategies, beginning readers learn to associate pictures with words. Students move original, velcro-backed drawings to match, identify, label, sequence and create sentences while learning to read! INTERACTIVE READING BOOKS are fun and rewarding for children with and without special needs. Children learn to identify pictures of emotions in this book. Sentences such as, "I feel ________ when I do a good job," allow the children to label their feelings. (There are no "correct" answers.) Open ended questions at the end of the book allow teachers, therapists, parents or children to make up their own sentences. Even if the child is non-verbal or does not speak English, once they can identify the pictures you can read the sentence and the child can give you or point to the picture that labels their emotion. Another fun activity and way to assess a childs emotions is to take the pictures and put them face down. Have the child pick a picture. Ask them to give you an example of what might make them feel that way. (ex. A child picks a card that says, "excited", ask the child to tell you something that would make them feel excited.)

How do I Feel Book
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