Hassle Free Monthly Chew Subcription


 Finally there is a way to make sure that your little chewer stays happy and content.  The monthly Oral Chew Subscription ships the first week of every month and includes 10 different chew products for children over age 3. All products are constructed from FDA approved material and are BP, Phthalate, Latex, and Lead free.  If that was not enough they are dishwasher safe as well!  If you have found yourself worrying about did I get the order in on time, did my little one lose his chew toy, which one should I choose from, then this package is for you.  Over 100 different chew toys randomly shipped with thousands of possible combinations. Each order comes in a sturdy re-usable plastic storage container. This package individually would cost over 100 dollars so get yours today while supplies last. Another Sensory University Original.

Hassle Free Monthly Chew Subcription
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