GigglePlay Gazebo Ball Pit

The GigglePlay™ Gazebo was developed for indoors or outdoors use, not only in commercial settings such as classrooms, playgrounds, family fun centers, waiting rooms, and anywhere children love to play, but also to be enjoyed in the home or backyard. The GigglePlay™ Gazebo is very different from other ball pits on the market, with exclusive features and distinct advantages:

The Perfect Size - Measuring 4 feet wide, or 54 inches corner to corner, and 6 feet tall, the hexagon shape will fit well into any bonus room, classroom, backyard, or waiting room, and will comfortably hold up to 3 children at a time.

Kids Love It! – The GigglePlay™ Gazebo offers a fun, contained soft-play environment in which children ages 2 to 6 can hop, hide, jump, and have hours of fun. The Gazebo is a big hit in children's museums, daycare centers, and homes across the nation.

Built to Last, Indoors or Out - The GigglePlay™ Gazebo is made with high quality materials that are designed to withstand the elements and years of wear and tear. Powder-coated steel posts and reinforcement rings, tear resistant nylon canopy and netting, and high impact plastic joints are made to last.

Antimicrobial Protection – The GigglePlay™ Gazebo is the only ball pit on the market which features 1000 colorful balls containing GermBLOCK™ Antimicrobial Protection, clinically proven to prevent the growth of over 99% of bacteria coming in contact with the balls.

Early Childhood Development and Learning – The GigglePlay™ Gazebo reinforces early tactile and gross motor skill development for toddlers, as well as color recognition and counting games for preschoolers.

Easy Set Up - The GigglePlay™ Gazebo is designed to snap together without tools in just 7 Easy Steps, but will hold tightly together for years of durable play. The entire Gazebo kit is packaged in its own ball reservoir, including 1000 colorful antimicrobial balls in every kit!

Product weighs 65 lbs.

GigglePlay Gazebo Ball Pit
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