EASe Funhouse Music Therapy Video Game

We recognize that encouraging an active child to sit and listen to music when they would rather be at play can be a challenge. Parents have regularly asked us if their child could play with toys or video games while listening to EASe CD’s. Our answer has always been, “Yes, with the sound down.” 

Now our children can listen to their EASe CD audio, while enjoying stimulating, fun and nonviolent driving and flying video games.

Your child deserves to have some fun, and to learn how to manage the noise that torments them and balance issues that cause them constant difficulty. Now you can help them with EASe Games!

EASe Funhouse is a fun-filled treasure hunt video game that guides the player through a topsy turvy toy land, learning and collecting treasures, while listening to stimulating EASe encoded music.

EASe Funhouse Treasure Hunt has six unique rooms, each with a different personality and multiple challenges. The player controls a tiny toy tractor, a bit like a child bouncing the tractor around the floor of a gymnasium. Most things are oversized, giving the sensation of being very small in a huge space. One room is filled with elevators and three levels to explore. Another room has mesh panels that allow the player to look through and down onto a complex environment. Some rooms have ball games stimulating and challenging a child’s concentration. All of the rooms are fun to explore, employ auditory and virtual vestibular stimulation and encourage the child to willingly participate in therapeutic activities.

The treasures range from word cards, to dot cards (quantity), to images of human faces (sad, happy, laughing, frightened, etc.), to colors, geometric shapes, fruit, and more. The player is encouraged to follow directions, to concentrate, to explore, and to learn.

Recommended System:

- Windows 2000, XP, or Vista
- 2GHz processor
- 1GB of RAM
- 64 MB video card
- 400 MB available space

EASe Funhouse's toy tractor is controlled by the mouse, and is selectable in a boy and girl version and has two speeds: a slower speed for beginners, and a faster car for more adventurous players.

EASe Funhouse Music Therapy Video Game
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