Durable Denim Bean Bag Chair

Fully washable and removable cover complete with inner liner. Available in two sizes under options.

These beanbags come with a fully removable cover with and inner liner made of poly/cotton blend. There are two zippers on this bag. One on the outer cover to seal the bag, and another on the liner to keep the polystyrene beads from escaping the inner liner.

All of our bean bag chairs come with the innovative safety patch which is inaccessible to small children.

  • SMALL (Children 8 & Under) 31" W x 33" D x 20" T
  • LARGE (Children & Adults) 37" W x 42" D x 34" T
Our ROYAL MIX™ is a special blend of Beads and Shredded Foam. This is the one we recommend for overall comfort and fullness in your chair. Our Royal Mix™ makes the chair always full and produces one of the most comfortable chairs on the market today. King Beany™ is the first manufacturer to mix bead filler and shredded foam together.
Durable Denim Bean Bag Chair
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