Autism Story Block and Dice Game

Developed by Dr. Sarah Halle, Certified Autism Specialist, School Psychologist and Licensed Specialist in School Psychology. The Story Block Toy and Dice Game is ideal for those with Asperger's, Autism Spectrum Disorder or social communication challenges.  Designed for readers, 3rd grade and through adulthood (support suggested for non-readers). There are many ways to use the Story Block Toy and Dice Game, each set includes instructions for independent play, play with peers and play with parents/therapists. The Story Block Toy and Dice Game includes a set of six toy blocks each complete with stories that teach the most commonly observed skill deficits in Autism Spectrum Disorder, primarily addressing:

-Eye Contact 
-Spontaneous Initiation of Joint Attention 
-Reciprocal Social Interaction 
-Social Overtures 
-Facial Expressions 

A FIRST EVER of its kind, the Story Block Toy and Dice Game is story based, which is directly linked and tested with research geared to positively influence and reinforce typical social skill learning and acquisition using stories for persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Now you can finally play with your child or teach a child or adult through play in therapy and help him/her connect and learn those social/communication skills that were once challenges! 

The Story Block Toy and Dice Game is ideally suited to a variety of settings including the home, educational and professional settings such as schools or therapy clinics, within small groups or in therapy sessions and with professionals such as teachers, speech pathologists, school psychologists or behavior specialists. 

Autism Story Block and Dice Game
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